Current locations of Virginia's relocated Confederate memorials

wdt_ID Locality Date removed Statue description Original location New location
1 Albemarle County 12/09/2020 Confederate soldier statue Albemarle County Courthouse Historical organization — Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation
2 Alexandria 02/06/2020 Confederate soldier statue Middle of an intersection in Old Town Alexandria Undisclosed, reclaimed by United Daughters of the Confederacy
3 Caroline County 25/10/2020 Confederate soldier statue Caroline County Courthouse Cemetery — Greenlawn Cemetery, Bowling Green VA
4 Charlottesville 10/07/2021 Statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee Market Street Park Storage
5 Charlottesville 10/07/2021 Statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Court Square Park Storage
6 Fairfax County 06/11/2020 Granite obelisk, commemorates death of Confederate Captain
John Quincy Marr, first Confederate officer killed in the Civil War
Fairfax County Courthouse Historical organization — Stuart-Mosby Historical Society
7 Farmville 18/06/2020 Confederate soldier statue In intersection facing Longwood Unviersity campus Storage — City intends to relocate it to town cemetery
8 Greensville County 25/03/2021 Confederate soldier statue Greensville County Courthouse Square Cemetery — Emporia Cemetary, Spring Street, Emporia, VA
9 Hampton 02/08/2019 Arch reading "Jefferson Davis Memorial Park" Arch at the entryway to Federal park at Fort Monroe where Jefferson Davis
was once held prisoner. Letters from arch were removed.
Historical organization — Stored in the Casemate Museum and curated as a part of the interpretation of the Jefferson Davis story
10 Isle of Wight County 08/05/2021 Confederate soldier statue Isle of Wight County Courthouse Private property — Moved to private property belonging to county resident Volpe Boykin. Boykin plans to re-erect it as a memorial to Confederate dead.
Locality Date removed Statue description Original location New location


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