The story of Charlottesville is complex, even more so for its communities of color. When history is not kind, the present is dishonest and the future is untrusted. The people on the frontlines have first-person experience, but too often feel voiceless and underrepresented. That’s why we created the Charlottesville Inclusive Media Project (CIM).

CIM is comprised of Vinegar Hill Magazine, the In My Humble Opinion talk show and Charlottesville Tomorrow. Not only is this collaboration real and authentic, but it proves that communication barriers of the past can be overcome, regardless if you’re from the “town” or the “gown.” Your support allows us to maintain journalistic integrity, transparency and candidly address the roots of issues.

In 2022 we embarked on lofty goals and have seen some early fruits of our labor. We hosted a town hall this spring, “Who tells Charlottesville’s stories?” That’s where many of you signed up for these updates. We regularly host sessions for local journalists of color, to support each other and build community. And — our biggest achievement — we launched First Person Charlottesville.

First Person Charlottesville is especially dear to the IMHO talk show because of the deep insights the contributors have brought. The pieces often start as written stories by people who live some of the most pressing issues in our region. These writers are paid competitive rates for their work — reflecting both the value of their experiences and the importance of building equity into the media industry. At the end of this year, IMHO piloted the First Person Charlottesville podcasts. It’s a beautifully produced series that allows more of our communities to hear each other.

This work has helped all three of our organizations increase readers and listeners — and needs your help to continue. We’re raising $10,000 for 2023 to keep paying writers, visual artists, producers and storytellers fairly for their work. Your support will also show foundations and grant makers how valuable it is to build an inclusive media ecosystem.

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Thanks for your attention and support thus far — it is direly needed. “Knowledge is power” and “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Your donations will progress truth to power!


Charles Lewis, In My Humble Opinion and Charlottesville Inclusive Media

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